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How to
Navigate Scoliosis

My goal was to personally interview the world’s top scoliosis surgeons, brace experts and scoliosis specific rehab practitioners in the hopes of getting the most accurate information possible.  Initially, access was difficult to gain but it helps to be persistent and there has been a surprising amount of momentum over the past 2 months.  One thing led to another and over the past 2 months I have interviewed 10 of the world’s leading pediatric orthopaedic spine surgeons, 2 spine bracing orthotists and a scoliosis specific physiotherapist.  More interviews are are always incoming as this has become a life long passion.  

Both navigating my son’s scoliosis journey and interviewing top scoliosis experts has vastly increased my knowledge of how scoliosis starts, snowballs into severe curves and the conservative and surgical (fusion and non-fusion) options available to patients.  Some non-fusion options may not be available to girls by 12-13 and boys by 15-16 years of age as they are growth dependent.

The internet is full of information and misinformation.  My goal in doing these interviews was to deliver clear information directly from top experts to parents and patients so they can make more informed decisions.

Simply put, I wanted to share that knowledge with anyone who might benefit.  Please forward this to anyone who might be interested.

Unfortunately, these interviews didn’t get picked up on Netflix, but you can definitely binge these videos.  The video interviews are posted on scoliosis forums and Facebook groups around the world.  As my patient, you can access these videos or forward this email to someone else.  You can also view these videos on youtube.


Spine Surgeons:


  • Andrea Lebel – Physiotherapist specializing in scoliosis, Ottawa, Canada

Scoliosis Research:

YouTube Playlists:

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Enjoy and get educated!
Dr. Derek Lee

Navigating Scoliosis

“I understand firsthand the challenges of navigating scoliosis from my son’s severe scoliosis journey.  The sheer amount of information and misinformation regarding scoliosis treatment options can be incredibly overwhelming.  With my personal experience and my network of top spine surgeons, physiotherapists and orthotists from around the world, I have gained valuable insights and knowledge to help guide you through this complex landscape.      Dr. Derek Lee

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Research your scoliosis with my 60+ interviews with the world's top scoliosis spine surgeons, physiotherapists and orthotists all in one place.
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