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Dr. Derek Lee will be unavailable between May 6-20, 2024

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1. Markham:    41 Cathedral High Street   

  • Monday 12-6pm

  • Wednesday 1:30-6pm

  • Saturday 8am-1pm 

2. Brampton:    8200 Dixie Road   

  • Thursday 7:30am-3pm

3. Toronto:        333 Bloor Street East      

  • Wednesday 7am-12pm

4. Don Mills:     855 York Mills Road   

  • Tuesday 10am-3pm

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Dr. Derek Lee

For over two decades, I've dedicated my career to the field of corporate health and wellness as a chiropractor and acupuncturist. Additionally, I've become an international scoliosis education advocate and influencer. Throughout my journey, I've spearheaded the establishment and support of numerous on-site employee wellness clinics for industry giants like Rogers Communications, CGI, Direct Energy, Kraft Canada, Transcontinental Media, and AMEX. Presently, I'm deeply involved in providing healthcare solutions at three Rogers Communications facilities, alongside managing my private practice. This dual role has afforded me a unique vantage point, allowing me to witness firsthand the intersection of corporate wellness and individual care. It's through this experience that I've honed my approach to healthcare and tailored treatment strategies to address the evolving needs of my patients, with a particular emphasis on tackling stress in the workplace. Among my proudest achievements are the development and implementation of acclaimed e-health programs designed to manage stress and enhance patient education. These programs, such as the Peace of Mind Protocol and the Perfect Sleep Protocol, have garnered praise for their effectiveness in alleviating stress and promoting overall well-being. Now, individuals can access these resources conveniently online, empowering them to take control of their health on their own terms. In essence, my journey as a Corporate Health and Wellness Doctor has been driven by a commitment to improving the lives of others through innovative healthcare solutions. Whether through on-site clinics or digital platforms, my mission remains steadfast: to help individuals achieve optimal health and peace of mind in both their professional and personal lives.

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A Scoliosis Eduction Advocate & Influencer

Navigating Scoliosis

“I understand firsthand the challenges of navigating scoliosis from my son’s severe scoliosis journey.  The sheer amount of information and misinformation regarding scoliosis treatment options can be incredibly overwhelming.  With my personal experience and my network of top spine surgeons, physiotherapists and orthotists from around the world, I have gained valuable insights and knowledge to help guide you through this complex landscape.      Dr. Derek Lee